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Return to the Challenge - July 19, 1999
Mark Wellman's and Mike Corbett's ascent of El Capitan.

On July 19, 1999, paraplegic climber Mark Wellman and big wall veteran climber Mike Corbett climbed the highest unbroken granite cliff in the United States, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

The first historic disabled climb took place on July 19, 1989 and was completed 8 days later on July 26. The route taken by Wellman and Corbett is called the Shield Route. This climb was not only a personal challenge for Mark, but it highlights the achievements of people with disabilities.

" I like to find new ways to motivate people, disabled or not, and my dedication to the sport of climbing and commitment to other athletes with disabilities helps my own passionate drive," says Wellman.

Wellman had no assistance other than his long time climbing partner Mike Corbett, and the adaptive climbing gear, equipment originally designed by Wellman and Corbett, which is now being introduced to the disabled community.

The climb began on July 19, 1999. They will carried with them approximately 200 pound of gear, including 80 pounds of water (10 gallons), 20 pounds of food, 40 pounds of sleeping bags, clothing, rain gear, head lamps, first aid kit, cameras, etc. They will used 40 pounds of ropes, carabiners and protection devices. Following the climb, Wellman returned to Yosemite Valley on mule back.

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