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A film by Eric Perlman & Mark Wellman
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For too many years paraplegics, amputees, quadriplegics,
and the blind have felt trapped by their disabilities...no more!

Paraplegic Mark Wellman and other outdoor disabled adventurers rock climb the desert towers of Utah, sail in British Columbia, body-board the big waves of Pipeline and Waimea Bay, scuba dive with sea lions in Mexico and hang glide the California coast.

There are more than 50 million people with disabilities in America. Everyone works through adverse difficulties at some point in their lives... emotional, mental or physical. This is the movie that deals with that side of life and delivers this simple message: Don't give up, and never give in. If you can't ever lose, then you wouldn't ever win.

Even the music of this program features the power and inspiration of the disabled experience. Guitar master, Jason Becker was lighting up stages and recording studios all over the world when Lou Gehrig's disease disconnected his nervous system. Even from a motorized wheelchair he was able to create some of the astonishing music in this program. Despite being stricken with muscular dystrophy, Ricky and Robbie Heisner formed a full-time touring and recording band, VAN GOGH. Their driving melodies and evocative lyrics add depth and dimension to the exploits of the disabled athletes.

Training, courage and innovative equipment have taken Mark Wellman higher, faster and further into the wilderness than most able-body people ever go. The former Park Ranger has become a national hero for his ascents of Yosemite's El Capitan and Half Dome. He has been invited to address major corporations, throw out opening day baseballs and meet with two presidents of the United States. But Wellman is more than just a paraplegic with a national reputation, he's a multi-sport athlete, driven to push his outer most limits.

Using the latest technology in materials and biomechanical concepts, Wellman and other disabled outdoor adventurers have developed and adapted custom equipment to challenge the mountains, oceans, and skies. Wellman and his "disabled" friends climb the forbidding Fisher Towers of Utah, surf the Banzai Pipeline, hang glide the Pacific winds of Northern California, scuba dive in Baja, Mexico and solo sail in British Columbia.

Paralyzed from the waste down in a climbing accident, Wellman fought through the pain and depression of loss and turned disability into a driving motivation to overcome his obstacles. He doesn't just cope with the difficulties of life - he dominates them.

Wellman finds kindred spirits everywhere he goes. Climbing in Utah he is joined by Eric Weihenmayer, blind from the age of 13. The climbing leader is a double-leg amputee Hugh Herr, who custom builds special legs and feet for various types of climbing. Sailing across the cold Canadian waters of the English Bay is quadriplegic Larry Boden, who independently controls his sailboat by use of a sip, bite and puff method. Flying high over San Francisco is paraplegic stunt pilot Dan Buchanan. Riding the big surf of Hawaii is Liz Arlen, born with only one leg. Scuba diving with the sea lions in La Paz, Mexico is paraplegic Bob Vogel.


Beyond the Barriers also includes fifteen minutes of artistically created Music Videos by disabled musicians VAN GOGH, and by Jason Becker.

Wellman and his friends do more than just push against physical obstacles. They use the force of will to overcome the worst that life has to offer. As Wellman says; "Wilderness adventure to my legs. But what it gave back was far more important...the sharp edge of risk, the power of teamwork, and a life full of challenge and joy." No athlete ever achieves greatness without serious motivation. Wellman and his friends use the demands of their disabilities to drive than to the edge, past the pain and despair of loss to new levels of triumph and joy. They have made adversity into an ally. As Wellman says; "Everyone faces the world with different abilities and disabilities. But everyone has at least one goal in common... to go Beyond the Barriers."



Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 VHS, $34.95 PAL- Order here..

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